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Coyote Radio Tujunga

Album cover COYOTE RADIO TUJUNGA album by THC

14 solo performances by singer-songwriter The Hippy Coyote of American Zen. Performing on his Alvarez acoustic guitar before it was stolen, Coyote provides unique arrangements of some songs, such as Christ Killer, and The End The Horizon. The last song of the Coyote Radio Tujunga album is Don't Forget, written in 1975 and somehow predicting all the various elements of the other songs of decades to come. Recorded in Tujunga, California while Richard Del Connor was a Mr. Mom singing his young son to sleep for his afternoon naps with wild rock songs and romantic ballads.

Coyote recorded these songs LIVE, sometimes while performing for his young son Rory, as he sang him to sleep each day as a Mr. Mom.
1. All Around The World
2. Don’t Push Me
3. In Dreams
4. Dear Mom
5. Don’t Make Me Laugh
6. Black Of Night
7. Christ Killer
8. What Do You See?
9. In Line
10. Backseat Love
11. Hurts To Know
12. The End The Horizon
13. Spirit Gun
14. Don’t Forget



Coyote determination

This is the 4th LEVEL of Zen Buddhism and the 4th album by American Zen that details this spiritual journey.

Follow Coyote's travels at his current website, www.KungFuCowboy.com

He'll back here, after the album is done to record some music videos for this new album titled, KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE.

Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1 will tell the story of King Solomon constructing his Temple in Jerusulem.

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